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Welcome to the home of Wally's Canine Epilepsy Foundation, or simply The Wally Foundation. The Wally Foundation has a simple mission and purpose;

"To assist owners of idiopathic epileptic dogs, dog rescue groups and animal shelters to afford medications and treatments related to canine epilepsy. The Wally Foundation will strive to be a resource for canine epilepsy, and support research into more effective treatments and a possible cure in canines and humans alike."

The Wally Foundation hopes and believes that no owner should have to choose between food on the table or needed medications for their beloved dog, nor should any adult or child have to say 'Good-bye' to their furry loved one for lack of support, education, or resources.

Why do we signify idiopathic epilepsy? Idiopathic epilepsy basically means 'no known cause'. Epilepsy that is secondary to an under-lying cause, or secondary cause, can generally be eliminated by treating the originating cause. Conditions such as thyroid, allergies, infections of the brain or other systemic infections or ailments are treatable.

There is currently no cure for idiopathic epilepsy, and treatment of epilepsy does not have a 'one size fits all' methodology. Treatments can vary, and issues arising from epilepsy or medications can also vary. Even the types of seizures, duration of seizures, and the recovery time after a seizure varies greatly. Many dogs will often experience different types of seizures and behaviors through the course of their lives with this disease. This can be both heart-breaking and frustrating for dogs owners, family members, and the veterinary community.

Exact numbers regarding canine epilepsy are difficult to ascertain, but idiopathic epilepsy affects roughly 3% of dogs worldwide. Some breeds tend to be susceptible to epilepsy, but canine epilepsy is not limited to pure breed dogs alone. Of the 3% of dogs diagnosed, only 1%  receive treatment. If left untreated, epilepsy will generally result in a dogs death, not from the seizures themselves but rather the neurological and systemic damage that result from seizures. 1% of dogs treated epileptic dogs translates to approximately 860,000 out of 86 million dogs in the USA that are receiving treatment. The percentages and statistics are similar world-wide however.

The treatment of canine epilepsy can be burdensome and expensive. It requires a self-less commitment to a willingness to treat an epileptic dog. Some dogs are well controlled and live a full life while others have their lives cut short. The treatment of epilepsy begins to take over your life, and requires constant vigilance and a strict adherence to medication schedules and protocols. This is the reality of living with an epileptic dog. It is also the reason The Wally Foundation operates, to offer support, assistance, and to raise awareness of this horrible disease.

We do not judge anyone for their handling of epilepsy. Not everyone is able to mentally, physically, emotionally, or financially able to care for an epileptic dog. The Wally Foundation aims to be able to assist with the financial and emotional components. Please let us know how we can assist you personally, or others in need. The Wally Foundation would like this to be a true community resource and strives to meet this need.

So "Welcome", and rest assured you are among friends and supporters. Browse our site, and feel free to utilize our partners and supporters. Become a part of the canine epilepsy community. And feel free to be a part of The Wally Foundation by providing us with news articles, research articles and links, or just helping to raise awareness.

All photographs and material are Copyrighted and Service Marked by The Wally Foundation, and any additional copyrighted materials are used with permission from the copyright owners. Information regarding epilepsy; medications; treatments; or research does not constitute a replacement for a licensed veterinarian. The Wally Foundation does not prescribe medications, diagnose or treat any dog or condition, and all records are confidential.

The Wally Foundation was founded in March, 2013. The Foundation is a non-profit entity registered in the State of Delaware.The Foundation has a 501(c)(3) application pending with the Internal Revenue Service, and operationally adheres to all laws and regulations of the State of Delaware and the United States of America. Our corporate offices and mailing address is:
19 East Rivers End Drive
Claymont, DE

Emails can be sent to:

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